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Longarm Quilting Services ~ Londonderry, NH

Longarm Quilting Services

Design Treatment Options

Freehand Edge To Edge
Pieced by Kelly

Freehand Edge to Edge Quilting

Freehand Edge to Edge (hand guided no Pantographs) is one simple freehand design over your entire quilt with one thread color. This freehand design will move across the quilt top freely regardless to the piecing style, including the borders. I would be happy to suggest an appropriate freehand design for your quilt. Cost starts at 2.5 cents per square inch ($0.025). There is a $50.00 minimum quilting fee.
Limited Custom
Pieced by Marsha

Limited Custom Quilting

Limited Custom Quilting builds from my freehand edge to edge quilting and includes a couple of repeated design motif over or within each individual block with simple designs in sashing and borders. These designs are larger in scale but are consistent in density. Generally there is very little or no stitch in the ditch and no ruler work. Cost starts at 4.5 cents per square inch ($0.045). There is a $50.00 minimum quilting fee.
Pieced by Tracy

Full Custom Quilting

Full Custom Quilting builds from my limited custom quilting and includes unique block designs, may include stitch in the ditch, ruler work, dense quilting and filler background designs. All designs will work together to create a consistency within the quilt. Costs starts at 5.5 cents per square inch ($0.055). There is a $75.00 minimum quilting fee.

Competition Show Quilting

* At this time I am not scheduling longarming services for Competition Show Quilt tops.

* Above prices do not include batting and additional available services. (Prices are subject to change)


I have high quality batting available for your convenience which may be purchased directly from me for the best quilting results. I offer Quilter’s Dream Battings. I do not accept personal battings due to the differences in quality and performance. I have found my machine does not play nicely with some of the lower quality battings on the market today and using those sorts of battings is not the quality or professionalism I strive for in my quilting designs. I personally only use high-end quality battings for my own quilts and I would recommend no less for your special quilt.

The cost of batting is based on your quilts size plus 6 inches wider and 6 inches longer than your top.

The high quality batting brands I currently offer are:

Quilters Dream Blend 70/30 Batting (70% Cotton/30% Poly):

*** This is the batting that I use and recommend most often and is typically in stock. ***

This batting really brings out the quilting design in your quilt. This lovely batting will not stretch, pucker or bunch and is very strong, stable batting, but very soft and drapeable with no shrinkage. Mid Loft. Price: Throw Size $12.70 (61”x60”) Twin Size $20.40 (93”x72”) / Queen Size $29.00 (108”x 93”)

Quilter’s Dream Angel:

Crib size for $15.00 (46” x 61") a special blend of fibers that will not melt when it comes in contact with flame, provides a soft, warm batt with excellent draping and no chemical additives, recommended for infant bedding.

Quilters Dream 80/20 Batting:

This batting consists of USA high grade long staple cotton fibers blended with silky soft fine poly microfibers. Soft and breathable natural fabrics. Minimal shrinkage with a touch of volume. Price: Throw $10.00 (61" x 60") / Twin Size $20.00 (72”x93”) / Queen Size $26.00 (93”x108”)

Quilters Dream Wool Batting:

This batting is a light batting but very lofty and beautiful. Blend of Merino and Domestic Wool Thermally Bonded. No shrinkage and washable. Price: Throw Size $17.00 (61”x60”) / Twin Size $28.40 (93”x 72”) / Queen Size $40.00 (93” x 108”)

Quilters Dream Poly Batting:

This batting will not shrink and is very wrinkle resistant. No resins, glue, or binders, breathable and comfortable. Mid Loft. Price: Throw Size $9.50 (61”x60”) / Twin Size $17.00 (72” x 93”) / Queen Size $23.60 (108”x93”)